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Teaching exclusively at The Performing Arts Center in Van Nuys, Ca. Currently virtual and covid-19 compliant classes only. Click the link below for the most updated class





'Regardless of what level you are at, if it is your first year dancing or if you have been dancing all your life, you will never meet another teacher like Jillian Schmitz. I am lucky enough to say that I have spent time in classes and privately with her as my teacher, and my experiences are always amazing. Not only did she teach me how to do things with my body that I never thought I would be able to do, she was someone who really made me believe I had the talent to, and to me that is something I will be forever indebted to her for. I hope to one day be the kind of teacher she was to me.' -Irene Villalta



'Jillian Schmitz is a dance teacher who brings so much passion and energy into each class that she teaches. It is evident that she truely  wants her students to succeed. Jillian cares about so much more than tricks and technique, her teachings are not only valuable in dancing but also in life. She has taught me how to be an individual, and that the most interesting dancer to watch is one who is a real person, who dances from a truly genuine and authentic place. Jillian's teaching style allows dancers to strengthen their technique and dance ability while feeling completely supported and encouraged along the way.' - Amanda Carr


'The most important thing I believe in having Jillian as a dance instructor, was that she was an expert at making the class environment a getaway. We came in willing to work and sweat and hurt the next day and she made the class a family. It was a place to leave your problems at the door and let go. She never made becoming a better dancer a stress, she made it a reachable goal that we worked on every class and she supported us the whole way. She taught us to be self motivated and positive. She also taught us that having an artistic outlet is the greatest stress relief an the best therapy. I loved having  Jillian as a dance instructor, and having her share her time and knowledge of dance with me. It  was an honor and I will always be grateful to her. Now I am a college student studying to be a Sign Language Interpreter and I'm really enjoying that. I am also taking music classes on the side because music is life. I'm currently working to make money so I can get back into my sanctuary - the dance studio.'

-Valentina Feldstedt

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